Error Codes & Bugs Questions & Answers


I am stuck on a mission where there are soldiers that i need to kill but they are stuck inside of a truck and wont get out. I cant kill them.

I am unable to make the game cycle between day and night anymore, does anyone know why this is happening?

I am unable to open the door that contains the prisoners for the quest In his wake, anyone know what to do?

I am stuck at the opening mission for the burning shores where I need to follow Seyka up the mountain but she is not moving anywhere.

Why has my weapon and character disappeared in Lightfall. I can't see my sights on the gun or anything and it won't go away

Destiny 2 on PS5 is stuck in a loop of installing the update file but it doesn't seem to be doing anything?

There is a barrier over the locate Spiders Ketch objective marker

I am stuck in a room after climbing a ladder and I am not able to climb back down the ladder to get back to my base

The quest Zombie Next Door requires you to return to zombie dude but he is no longer there any more and there is no objective

After purchasing the support tower upgrade, I'm no longer able to win in levels in mace tower defense