How Do You Get More Ammo For The Lasergwehr


This gun is really powerful, but it runs out of ammo so fast. When my ammo runs out it tells me that I need to find more, but I have yet to come across any. Bar killing other soldiers that have the gun, I don’t see any way to get more ammo for the Lasergwehr. Killing them means I usuallly have to drop the gun I have as it is out of ammo anyway. 

How Do You Get More Ammo For The Lasergwehr
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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Dan -

While it is possible to find ammo drops for this weapon, it is not the main way to obtain it. You will often find little yellow colored batteries that will give you some ammo for this weapon. What you need to look out for are the recharge points that are on the walls. These are a blue color that glow and when you get close you can sort of see the air ripple like it does on a hot day. Walk up to one of these and it will let you recharge your Lasergwehr or any other energy weapon that you have 

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