How Do You Drop Your Weapon?

I want to be able to throw away one of the weapons that I have on me. I don’t seem to be able to throw it away like I would when I dispose of other objects in my possession. How do you get rid of a weapon from your inventory?

How Do You Drop Your Weapon Arizona Sunshine

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings

I havn’t found a way to drop any guns. You have a holster to your left and right that can store a weapon. This allows you to carry 4 guns at any one time. If you want to get rid of it you can just holster it. If you find a new weapon, you can pick up this weapon with the hand that you are holding the weapon you want to drop and the weapons will swap over. This is the only way you can remove a weapon from your inventory in Arizona Sunshine.


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  1. On the quest you hold the left menu button until the screen ring completes one rotation, then when you let go you’ll drop the weapon.

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