How Do You Use Medkits?


My health is at 50 and I have found a couple of medkits on a shelf inside a house. I have tried to do everything to consume this, but the character just drops it on the floor all the tie (just like he does with the hats). How are you meant to consume the medkits to get back some health? I have been low on health for a while and the game has done nothing to instruct me how you are meant to heal yourself when your health is low. Can you use canteens and other edible items to heal yourself too as I am also finding these around the place but can’t seem to use these to restore my health either? 

How Do You Use Medkits
Arizona Sunshine

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Dan -

I’m not sure you can use them. I get the feeling there were plans to make a lot more items in this game usable, but they never got around to it. If you want to heal yourself you need to find burgers…yea i know. They are usually in fridges. Pick it up and put it up to your mouth to take a bite. You need to remove it from your mouth and go back again to take another bite. This is the only way that I have found to heal yourself in Arizona Sunshine. I dunno who decided burgers were a better way to heal than a medkit, but this seems to be the way it is.


  1. I also couldn’t use the medkit but found miming skulling a beer also does a slow heal. Burger paddy’s patty’s are better though

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