Arizona Sunshine Questions & Answers

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Arizona Sunshine Box Art

Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a VR shooter built and optimized for room-scale VR from the ground up. Step into the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there, and defend yourself against enemies close enough to touch. A custom-built physical animation system makes striking your undead enemies more thrilling and satisfying than ever before.


I have lost my winch at the camp in Arizona Sunshine and can no longer find it.

I have been looking all over the area trying to find the key code to open this door and I am not having any luck with it. Where is the card?

How do you drop a weapon that you currently have equipped and in your hand?

My health is at 50 and I have found a couple of medkits on a shelf inside a house. I have tried to do everything to consume this, but the character just drops it on the floor all the tie (just like he does with the hats). How are you meant to consume the medkits […]

I have been finding these masks all over the place. I try to put them on my head but they just fall on the floor (sometimes they fall through the floor and vanish). Either way Id like to know the importance of them since I am coming across a lot of them in places that […]