Where is the keycard to unlock the gate in the oil refinery?


I have made it to the oil refinery and all of the military guys are dead. I got to the end of the road and a bunch of zombies ended up jumping over the fence. There are no zombies left in the area for me to kill, just a locked door that requires a key card. I have looked all over the place and I cant find the key card anywhere. There are 2 dead soldiers on the ground and I thought they might have had it but no luck. I need this card to open the gate to get inside the refinery building. 

Where is the keycard to unlock the gate in the oil refinery
Arizona Sunshine

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings -

Face the door with the keycard and turn right. In the tent ahead turn left as soon as you get to it and you will see 2 file cabinets next to each other. I found the keycard in the top drawer of the left cabinet. It was difficult to see since the drawer is quite large and you cant get that close. Try sit up straight or stand up a bit more and you should be high enough to see over the drawer and you will spot the keycard for the refinery door inside.


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