Lost my friggin winch


I was at the mine camp, the one where you unlock the car, grab ammo and snag the winch. I ran into the building and forgot you have to be outside to go upstairs. I was playing alone so I couldn’t bust out and kill all of the zombies. I pathetically spent 30 minutes killing the all through a slit in the door. Exhausting. I finally killed them all, went upstairs and got my gun and ammo and headed to the bridge. No winch (handle) I tried everything. Couldn’t even put my guns down in hopes it would show up. I backtracked everywhere and I couldn’t find it. What did I do wrong?

Lost my friggin winch
Arizona Sunshine

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  1. You just have it so go over to the bridge and pull the trigger and it will put in the winch

  2. Once you grab it, The winch is on your belt (same with keys you will need later). It took me 12 times to play that part until I figured it out.
    Just go to the lock at the bridge, point your weapon at the lock and pull the trigger. The winch will appear. Turn it clockwise ….. and the bridge opens up. (Again, you’ll do the same with keys and locked doors later on)

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