How To Destroy Blue Brambles

how to destroy blue brambles

There are a few different types of brambles in God of War Ragnarok that is going to block your way forward in some paths or sometimes prevents you from being able to interact with a chest. These brambles require different items or powers to be able to clear them out of the way. One of these are the blue brambles that look like they are made from ice or electricity. How do you destroy these?

god of war blue brambles
These blue brambles will often block the way ahead or even block access to chests.

I started out using the leviathan axe as this seems like the most obvious weapon to clear these brambles but this is not going to work. The color is kind of misleading here as it makes no difference whether they are blue or red, they are the exact same.

The video guide below will show you how to do it but all you need to do is use the Chaos blades to burn the brambles away by pressing L2 and aiming at the brambles and then pressing R2.


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