Whispering Sound inside The Old Fool?


I am up at the building marked “The old fool” in Hogsmeade and when i stand near the fallen over cupboard, near where the moth frame was, I hear a creepy, Voldemort style whispering sound. I am guessing there is some sort of secret here? The map marker for the building still shows a star, suggesting it has not been revealed yet. I have tried using all the spells that I have but nothing is working to reveal what might be causing the whispering. Is there something that I am missing? What are you supposed to do herE?

Whispering Sound inside The Old Fool
Hogwarts Legacy

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MisterTwistyy -

Pretty sure it’s just a reference to the movies. If you look at the building on the map, the shape doesn’t match the actual building. The shape on the map heavily resembles the Shrieking Shack, so I assumed this was the site where Dumbledore would later build the Shack, and the whispering is in reference to it’s “haunted” nature.

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