How Do Open The Door With Jeff (Mutated Monster) Walking Around?

I am in a place infested with spores and rescued the guy who was about to be killed by the tongue creature on the roof. I have now come across this big monster who is mutated with a stream of spores coming from him when he moves.

I have been able to distract him with bottles and stuff but he always seems to make his way back to me when I try to interact with the wheel to unlock the way forward. What is the correct way to deal with this guy so he stops killing me?

How Do Open The Door With Jeff (Mutated Monster) Walking Around Half-Life: Alyx

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1 Answer


If you are in the room with the wheel that you must spin, you will see a fridge or locker nearby with a red handle. Make sure the door is open and throw a glass bottle inside. The smash will lure him in. Once he is inside, you will need to close the door behind him and lock it with the red latch. You will be able to unlock the door once he is out of the way.


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