Half-Life: Alyx Questions & Answers

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Half-Life: Alyx Box Art

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx marks the return of the highly popular Half-Life franchise. This fully VR experience puts players in the shoes of Alyx Vance as you attempt to gain control of a large weapon controlled by the Combine.


How are you meant to get past the large infected monster with the crazy mutations?

How are you meant to shoot grenades with the Shotgun in Half-Life: Alyx? There is no additional inventory slot to equip them from.

How are you meant to get to the canister behind the shutter where there is a metal bar blocking the wheel to twist?

I am stuck at the puzzle trying to activate the control panel to unlock the door into the quarantine zone where there are flesh things and a laser.

Will Valve be releasing Half Life Alyx for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or is it going to remain a PC exclusive forever?

I am stuck on the first puzzle where you need to use the multi-tool in half life Alyx. What are you meant to do?

I am stuck at a walla near the start of the game after escaping the combine. How do you hop over walls?

How are you meant to stop the train with your father on it after the lever breaks in the control room?