Stuck at The Quarantine Puzzle with lasers?


I am at the control panel used to unlock the into the quarantine zone. I have activated most of the panel now and there is a blue laser going from the left side to the right. What am I meant to do next? I can pull the red handles for the other things and there are weird rat-like creatures stuck in here. These block the laser when I lift them up. What are you meant to do to activate the control panel here?

Stuck at The Quarantine Puzzle with lasers
Half-Life: Alyx

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1 Answer

savageeye -

You need to fully pull out the two sections with the red handles that have the fleshy like things inside of them. If you look to the side, you will see there is a sort of mechanical thing attached to them. Use your hand to spin the fleshy things around so that the mechanical parts line up with the laser. You will see the flesh glow up with a greenish light if you have done it correctly. The laser will now be coming out the other side. Line up both of them and it will complete the puzzle.

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