Canister stuck behind shutter with metal bar blocking wheel with Jeff?

I need to get a canister that is sitting behind a metal shutter in a cellar with lots of glass bottles. Jeff is walking around which makes things even more difficult. I have found the wheel to unlock the door but there is a metal bar of reinforced steel that is blocking me from being able to twist it to open up the door. What are you meant to do here?

Canister stuck behind shutter with metal bar blocking wheel with Jeff Half-Life: Alyx

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1 Answer

Dan Hastings

You will need to grab a glass bottle to distract Jeff with first. Attach the wheel to the gear on the wall. When you spin it, it will only partially open the door before the metal bar blocks it. Jeff will be alerted to this sound. You will need to throw a glass bottle to send him as far away as possible. Once he is gone, twist the handle to partially open the door. You can use the gravity glove to grab all of the items that are on the floor in here, including the canister that you need for the control panel outside.

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