North Korea Set To Release A Video Game Console

north korea

The highly secretive nation of North Korea has spent many years flaunting their military assets. As the years have passed they must have finally realised that they will never be able to conquer the west using brute military force because North Korea is looking to take over the world, through video games.

An Insider reporting out of Pyongyang has revealed that the Kim-Jong Un regime is working hard to create a bleeding edge games console that is set to revolutionise the gaming industry. With a large array of innovative games being built for the console, the nation is hoping that it will be enough to take the west by storm!

The console is going to be named the “Kimtendo Un”. It has been in development for several years by government-owned company “Oppressive Dreams”. The console is closing on the final stages of development and is finally ready to launch this summer! The console will ship with 8 games at launch and there are many more games in development that will be released throughout the year. The lead developer from Oppressive dreams released the following statement.

“We believe this is going to be the greatest games console ever made. It will be as powerful as the great nation that designed it.” he said, while at gunpoint. “We have worked incredibly hard to source the most powerful hardware possible to create a true powerhouse. The machine has a staggering 8kb of DDR-KIM ram along with a revolutionary new GPU that can support 3d models with up to 6 polygons. The dial-up modem allows gamers to connect with other gamers across the world in a matter of minutes. This console took a lot of blood, sweat and children’s tears to develop, but we are truly proud of what we have developed”.

From the sounds of it, this years E3 even should be filled with controversy and highly entertaining. We will keep in touch without North Korean insider and try to get a sneak peek at some of the upcoming games for the Kimtendo Un.

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