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    Fantasy Name Generator - Generate Fantasy Hero Names

    Stories that fall into the area of fantasy span a huge period of time. There can be medieval fantasy to futuristic fantasy. The time periods might be fictional but we can relate them to periods of history or the idea of what our future would be. This tool is a random fantasy name generator for historic, medieval style fantasy.

    The idea of this came from coming up with some more historic sounding names. A surname like Daggerheart is pretty cool, but it would be pretty weird for an average person to have a name like this. However, in the world of fantasy, a surname like this is kick ass. So if you are looking for a list of fantasy names, you are in the right place.

    A large amount of the first names used here are actual names taken from our own history. There are also some crazy ones in there too. Use the form controls to pick between generating female names and male names. Since surnames have no gender, they will all be shared and this is where the best of the names will come from.

    If you like your own name and just want to push a fantasy spin on it. Take the surname that gets generated and put your own name in front of it. “Dan Lightningspear” for example. If you are a gamer looking for a character name in a fantasy game, this will most definitely do the trick for you.


    Fantasy Name Suggestions For RPG Games

    Playing an RPG set in a historic fantasy time is usually pretty exciting. You get dragons, magic and all sorts of weird stuff that wasn't part of history. If you are starting up a new RPG game and are looking for some fantasy RPG names for your character, this tool will definitely help you out. Check out some of the cool names that have been suggested by this tool. These are all names that would work well for males, you can switch the filter to generate female names if you need names for the other gender.

    • Sir Merek Axeblood
    • Walter Stormbringer
    • Arthur Serpentmane
    • Bryce Amberstar
    • Claiborne Mournvigor
    • Ulric Hallowedspire
    • Kenelm Crowspire

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