Where Have All the Consequences Gone in Modern RPGs?

consiquences in modern RPGs

Remember the good old days when you’d make a choice in a game, and it would come back to haunt (or help) you hours later? There was something thrilling about knowing that your actions had real consequences and could shape the world around you. It made you think twice before making a decision and added a layer of depth and immersion to the gaming experience.

Unfortunately, it seems like many modern RPGs have lost sight of this. Sure, you might be faced with a dilemma, but more often than not, the outcome doesn’t have a significant impact on the game world. Maybe you’ll get a different reward or a slightly altered cutscene, but that’s about it. It’s like your choices don’t really matter, and that’s a bummer.

The Importance of Consequence

So why does this matter? Well, for one, it makes games feel more alive and dynamic. When your actions have real, lasting consequences, it creates a sense of immersion and connection to the game world. It also adds an element of replayability, as you can go back and make different choices to see how they affect the story.

But perhaps most importantly, it makes the choices you make feel meaningful. When you know that your actions can have a lasting impact on the game world, it adds weight to the decisions you make and makes the game feel more engaging and personal.

A Call for More Meaningful Choices

RPG choices

So what can be done to bring back the excitement of real consequences in RPGs? For starters, developers can focus on creating branching storylines and quest outcomes that genuinely change based on the choices you make. This could involve altering the game world, changing the way NPCs interact with you, or even locking or unlocking certain quests or storylines based on your decisions.

Another approach could be to create a more dynamic and reactive game world, where your actions affect the environment, economy, or political landscape. This would make the game feel more alive and responsive, and it would give players a real sense of agency and impact.

It’s time for modern RPGs to step up their decision-making game and bring back the excitement of real consequences. We want to feel like our choices matter and that our actions can shape the world around us. So here’s to hoping that future RPGs take note and deliver the immersive, choice-driven experiences we crave. Maybe Starfield will be the game to change it all. Until then, we’ll just have to keep dreaming of the good old days when our decisions actually made a difference.

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