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Stories that fall into the area of fantasy span a huge period of time. There can be medieval fantasy to futuristic fantasy. The time periods might be fictional but we can relate them to periods of history or the idea of what our future would be. This tool is a random fantasy name generator for historic, medieval style fantasy. It does seem as though the fantasy genre is stuck in the medieval times but you can use this tool for anything.

The idea of this came from coming up with some more historic sounding names. A surname like Daggerheart is pretty cool, but it would be pretty weird for an average person to have a name like this. However, in the world of fantasy, a surname like this is kick ass. So if you are looking for a list of fantasy names, you are in the right place.

A large amount of the first names used here are actual names taken from our own history. There are also some crazy ones in there too. Use the form controls to pick between generating female names and male names. These names will work well for NPCs for games or even if you are a DnD player and want to populate your story with some cool characters.


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If you’re delving into the realm of fantasy and seeking names that breathe life into your characters, exploring additional resources can spark your creativity further. Here are some specially curated suggestions to enhance your narrative:

Best Ideas For Naming Characters

Playing an RPG set in a historic fantasy time is usually pretty exciting. You get dragons, magic and all sorts of weird stuff that wasn’t part of history. If you are starting up a new RPG game and are looking for some fantasy RPG names for your character, this tool will definitely help you out. The names can be split by genders to perfectly fit the character that you are currently working on. To save you some effort, I have put together some lists of the best fantasy names that this tool has come up with. This should save you a nice bit of effort having to come up with everything yourself.

Keep in mind, all of these names are randomly generated. If they happen to match the name of a character from another piece of fiction, it is entirely accidental. Feel free to substitute any of your own names and ideas into any of these to come up with something entirely unique that works for whatever you are currently working on.

Male Names For Fantasy Characters

Below are some of the best fantasy male names that have been created using this tool. I had to rewrite the title of this section as male fantasy names sounded a little weird and made me uncomfortable. Anyway, for what it is worth, these names work great for men that need names in a fantasy setting. You can try and throw your own name in here but it definitely works better with the older sounding names that don’t really get used anymore. Try sticking “ek”, “orne”, “ur” or some of the other common masculine name endings to a more modern name to make it instantly sound like something from thousands of years ago.

  • Sir Merek Axeblood
  • Walter Stormbringer
  • Arthur Serpentmane
  • Bryce Amberstar
  • Claiborne Mournvigor
  • Ulric Hallowedspire
  • Kenelm Crowspire
  • Sir Remington Richspark
  • Peyton Youngeye
  • Robin Amberstar

Female Fantasy Names

If you are looking to name a woman, toggle the setting above to turn this into a female fantasy name generator. All of the name suggestions below work great for women in a medieval setting. Much like the male names, modern names tend not to work very well in this genre. You will need to go for older ideas that are no longer in general use if you want to fit the theme and the setting. It is also possible to take some of the older feminine name endings and turn a more modern word into an older variant. Chances are, your actual name has a more ancient version that was modified over the years.

  • Lady Adelaide Grayfury
  • Gwendolynn Wildgloom
  • Catherine Dirgeslayer
  • Lady Catrain of Farrowblossom
  • Mirabelle Milddreamer
  • Sybbyl Springdraft
  • Lady Arabella Windcrest
  • Dame Aleida Featherpike
  • Lady Winifred Springdraft
  • Juliana Wiserock

Fantasy Last Names

Fantasy last names are actually quite easy to come up with. You can stick with some traditional medieval names or even use items from medieval times. Spice it up with some sort of cool descriptive word and you have a surname like “Daggercastle”. The tool above will give you complete names that include a surname. If you need a fantasy last name generator, this will do the job for you. Just crop off the first name and you have what you need.

I have put a list together of some of the best fantasy surnames that have been programmed into this tool. You will see a lot of these names suggested as you click through and come up with lots of ideas for your characters. If you are working on a book or game and need a good fantasy family name, these should be a good start for you.

  • Serpentmane
  • Mournvigor
  • Diamondsabre
  • Amberstar
  • Firebreeze
  • Evenwind
  • Stormbringer
  • Farrowblossom
  • Bladebeard
  • Heartdust
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