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wizard name generator

Wizards, masters of the mystical arts. Magic is one of the most interesting abilities that you can give to a character when it comes to fiction as you can pretty much do anything with it! While there is no end to the imagination when it comes to magic itself, names for wizards are not so easy to come by. That is where this wizard name generator comes into the picture.

Names are very much subjective to the character. You may want to take a page out of the highly popular universe by J.K. Rowling and use Harry Potter character names. These are relatively normal, albeit a little quirky at times. A far cry from the more wizard names that are used in traditional fantasy settings. You probably won’t meet someone called Merlin on your way to the shops!

The filter on the generator below will allow you to get suggestions for the more abstract, fantasy-style wizards along with the more quirky, modern names used. By default, you should get a mixture of both. Filter down to find the perfect wizard name for the character that you are creating. Enter your first name into the box below to have a random wizard surname added to it to make it a more personal suggestion.


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The random generator is designed to ensure the uniqueness of each name produced, ensuring that your character stands out from the crowd. It combines various elements, such as first and last names, magical titles, and mystical attributes, to create a truly one-of-a-kind name befitting your magical persona.

A Portal to the Magical World of Wizard Names

wizard name generator

Embark on your fantastical journey with this generator that is designed to create distinctive and memorable wizard names. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next fantasy novel or looking for the perfect name for your online gaming character, this generator has you covered. Incorporating different elements of wizardry and folklore, this will provide you with a wide range of name options, suitable for any magical adventure.

Conjuring Names for Every Enchanter Male or Female

female wizard name generator

This generator has names for both male and female wizards, catering to the specific needs of each gender, and offering a tailored approach to name generation. For the aspiring sorcerer or sorceress, this generator will provide you with an extensive selection of names to suit your magical persona. Female wizards are often referred to as witches and if you are looking for a more specific witch name for your fantasy story, check out our witch name generator.

Female wizards are imbued with grace, power, and mystique. It takes inspiration from strong female figures in myth and legend, crafting names that exude feminine charm and authority. On the other hand, the male wizard name generator offers a blend of strong and mystical names, conjuring images of wise and powerful magicians that have inspired generations of fantasy enthusiasts.

wizard last name generator

In addition to this specialized generator, it also offers a broader array of names. This tool provides you with countless naming options, suitable for a variety of magical beings and creatures such as an enchanting witch. Whether you’re naming a mystical kingdom, a mythical beast, or an enchanted artifact, this fantasy generator will spark your imagination and transport you to a world of wonder.

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