Is Premium Account Worth It – American Dad: Apocalypse Soon

America dad premium

American Dad: Apocalypse Soon is one of the more enjoyable Fallout Shelter clones but it is not without its money grabbing flaws. One of the cheaper microtransactions is the premium subscription. Each time you complete a battle, you can earn some bonus supplies simply for having this subscription active. The big question is whether the premium subscription is worth the money.

If I could give a short answer, the answer is no, at least not for me. The biggest issue with the value of this service is it diminishes the further you get into the game. If you had this from the very start, the value would be great as you get bonuses for all of the story missions on the map. Once you have completed all of them, the value only comes from attacking other players, a system which is shitty and unreliable.

The happiness bonus that you get from premium is also pointless. If you are relying on your base producing all of the resources you need to survive, then you are going to end up very disappointed in both the game and this subscription.

I purchased this for 40 days. At this point, I was stuck at the collector boss fight, It was too difficult for me to complete. It has been around 2 weeks now and I am still unable to defeat this guy. The grind is too damn slow. So if you are hoping to make this game less grindy, the premium subscription will do very little to help with this.

At this point, the premium subscription does very little to benefit the running of your base, it does nothing to make the game less of a painful grind and it does nothing to give you gear/items to help you defeat tough boss fights. It doesn’t matter if this subscription cost $1 a month, it gives so little value that it simply isn’t worth having.

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