How To Kill Galileo Gaff

Galileo Gaff

Galileo Gaff is a boss fight in American Dad: Apocalypse soon that is likely to catch most people out. You join the battle and quickly find he absorbs pretty much all damage you make against him as he quickly wipes out your entire squad of Rodger clones. How the hell do you kill him?

The answer comes in the form of some good news and maybe some bad news. You do not need to spend the next few weeks getting all of your clones to max level and get them the best gear so they can survive long enough. You just need to make sure you have the right kind of gear.

If you are someone who deconstructs all of the gear you have no use for then the road ahead to kill Galileo Gaff is going to be a grindy one.

Killing Galileo Gaff

Galileo Gaff will only take damage from energy weapons. This means the best spears and machine guns are going to keep being absorbed. You will only be able to hurt him using energy weapons.

At this stage of the game, you will more than likely have 4 clones available to fight in your squad. You will need to equip all of these with energy weapons if you want to inflict enough damage to kill him before he kills you. The problem with most energy armor is that it is a hell of a lot weaker than melee armor. Your squad will end up getting killed pretty fast if you lack the punch to kill him before he gets to your final warrior.

There is not much strategy for the boss fight itself. Once it starts you can use powers to increase damage, shield your squad or hit Galileo with a laser to take off a nice chunk of his health. Just make sure you have enough soldiers that can inflict energy damage to break him down quickly.

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