Is Fallout 1st Worth It?

is fallout 1st worth it

Fallout 1st is a supplementary online subscription that will grant Fallout 76 players some additional in-game benefits that standard players do not receive. This would be a less than common subscription model for a game like this where the barrier to play would normally be locked behind a monthly subscription. If you do not need to pay to play the game, what reason is there to purchase this subscription in the first place? Is Fallout 1st worth the money?

With a fairly hefty monthly fee, Fallout 1st is not something that people will be jumping to purchase. Especially when the benefits that come with it do not really jump out at you. I made the jump a while back to purchase a subscription and I have had some time to get the hang of it. Here is how I feel about the subscription and whether it provides enough value to make it worth the cost. 

Are The Benefits Worth It?

There are a few benefits that come with a Fallout 1st subscription. The atoms to spend in the atom store each month may or may not be worth it for you. I personally find them quite useless as I do not care about building a big fancy camp. This may hold value for others who do enjoy the cosmetic side of the game.

The Survival Tent Is Amazing!

fallout 76 survival tent
The survival tent is another helpful addition that will save you lots of effort having to walk across the map or pay caps to fast travel.

The tent is something that people have lots of questions around. Is it a second camp? What are the limitations? The tent is not like a camp at all. It is essentially a portable stash crate. If you find yourself having to walk long distances while over-encumbered, the tent will pay for itself. You can deploy the tent for free, whenever you wish, giving you immediate access to a stash crate to unload all of your junk and loot. 

For an added boost, the tend contains a bed to sleep in, can be deployed for fee and best of all, the last location you deployed it to becomes a FREE fast travel point. Just like you can travel to your CAMP for free, you can also travel to your tent for free. If you place your CAMP and tent in strategic locations, you can save a lot of caps in fast travel fees. 

New Scrapbox Is Invaluable

fallout 1st review
The scrap box is a massive bonus to dealing with overcrowding of junk in your inventory

Early in the game, the 800lbs limit of the stash crate seems like a lot. When you hit the limit, however, things get difficult. The new junk stash crate fixes this. You can store infinite junk. Junk being crafting materials such as concrete, lead, screws and so on. You can’t store guns or anything like this, only junk. You would be surprised how much space this saves in your regular stash box. One of these new boxes can be found in your survival tent too, making life even more convenient. 

Private Server Access

Public servers are the default way to play Fallout 76. You join a world with other players running around the wasteland. You can try to kill them if you wish, you can join teams with them or you can ignore them. The biggest thing to note is that if other players kill enemies or loot buildings, the entire world is impacted by this. Playing in open servers will often result in the best loot being taken from various areas. It is the price most people pay for online games like this.

Private servers change this. You can create a private server and you will be the only player running around in this world. You can invite up to 7 friends to share the world with. If you are sick of other players killing you, taking all of the good resources, or capturing workshops you want, join a private server and enjoy peace and quiet where no other players can bother you.

Is It a Fair Price?

In terms of pricing, Fallout 1st is very expensive. Considering it is just some in-game benefits to give you an upper hand over other players, a lot of money is charged to give you this. Perhaps there are some overheads with private servers, but the fee of €14.99 is very high when you compare it to something like Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus where you get access to games each money and multiplayer access to a lot of other online games. 

With this being said, it is what it is. Fallout 1st is expensive but if this is the only game you plan on playing for a few months, the benefits this subscription brings may soften the blow that comes with the pricing of this. 

Should I Buy Fallout 1st?

While the subscription fee for Fallout 1st is most definitely overpriced for what you get, it does so much to make life easy that it is worth the purchase if you are someone who will play this game every day. The amount of time you save not having to carry junk around and not having to manage your stash space will give you lots more time to enjoy the combat and exploration elements of Fallout 76.

The value of the subscription will depend on your circumstances. Since you can purchase one month and cancel, the general recommendation for people is to purchase it for a month, fill up the scrapbox and if you hate it at the end of the month, cancel the subscription. You will still be able to take items from the scrapbox, you just won’t be able to add items to it anymore. 


  1. I subbed for 3 months and found it far too expensive at £12 per month compared to their ESO at £9 per month, just so you could make private games….. RIP OFF !!!…… don’t tell them what players need or they will charge you for it’s implimentation the greedy *****.

  2. Its way too expensive in Mexico even if they give you admin powers in the game, let me explain why: the minimal wage in Mexico for THE DAY is about 140 pesos, that’s 8 to 10 hours of hard earned work and 140 pesos is equivalent to 7USD… that’s 7 Dollars A WHOLE DAY of work in Mexico. Now Fallout 1st is 305 pesos a month, that’s around 16 to 20 hours of work dedicated to pay extra inventory space in a game. If I was earning money in USA I would have little issue because I would be earning around 58 USDs a day as a minimum. I’m guessing Fallout 1st is not meant to be had in other countries but USA for USA exclusively due to the extreme currency imbalance. A fair price In Mexico would be 100 to 120 pesos a month you know? just like the rest of the American subscriptions? like Netflix, Disney+, Discord, xbox live etc. If Bethesda had a little bit more care with the world currencies balance much like Wargaming and others do Bethesda would have people flocking to Fallout 76 especially now that many bugs are fixed.

    • Wow, that is surprising to hear. You would expect the marketing team to do some research on the value of the service based on income and currency value. It is rather unfortunate to see how greedy they can be.

  3. And that’s why I And Other Players Will Not get Fallout 1st… Pay To Much to play… Total Rip Off. GTA online and private servers are pretty much free.. yea you got to have PlayStation plus to play online but that’s totally fine. With Fallout 1st you have to have PlayStation Plus AND pay for the Fallout 1st to play… So your paying Way to much extra with Fallout 1st. Very Greedy Bethesda is! If it was $5 a month, then yes I’d definitely get cause it would be adorable, but that’s not the case. Greedy a$$ Bethesda…

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