Fastest and Most Efficient Methods to Get Bytes

Fastest and Most Efficient Methods to Get Bytes

Bytes are the raw data used for research in Astroneer, leveling up capabilities and unlocking new blueprints. Gathering Bytes efficiently can accelerate your gameplay. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on the fastest and most efficient methods to get Bytes in Astroneer.

Step 1: Use The Research Chamber

The Research Chamber is a critical station for generating Bytes. It allows you to research Research Items, Samples found in the environment, and even resources.

  1. Build a Research Chamber: First, you need to build a Research Chamber which requires 1 Resin and 2 Compounds.
  2. Power Your Research Chamber: Ensure your Research Chamber is connected to the power grid as it requires energy to function.
  3. Place Research Items in the Chamber: Put the researchable items into the Research Chamber and start the research process.

Step 2: Collect Research Samples and Items

Looking for and collecting Research Samples and Research Items is a quick and effective way to gain Bytes.

  1. Research Samples: Research Samples can be found throughout the world, usually attached to plants or other organic things, and can be scanned immediately for Bytes.
  2. Research Items: Research Items are typically found in caves, around the wreckage, or at the base of larger flora. They must be researched using the Research Chamber.

Step 3: Exploring and Unlocking New Planets

Each planet has different types of Research Items that yield different numbers of Bytes. For instance:

  • Sylva: A good starting planet with moderate Bytes.
  • Desolo: Has plenty of Research Items clustered around the wreckage, which yield more Bytes.
  • Galcio & Atrox: Offer the highest number of Bytes from research.

Broadening your base of operations to multiple planets can significantly boost your Byte production.

Step 4: Automate Research with Auto Arms

Auto Arms can help automate the process of researching. Once setup, an Auto Arm can:

  • Pick up Research Items/Samples from the ground or storage and place them in the Research Chamber.
  • Start the research process, allowing for the passive acquisition of Bytes over time.

Step 5: Efficient Power Supply Setup

Ensure that you have an efficient power supply setup because research speed in the Research Chamber depends on the amount of power supplied. The faster your power production, the quicker the research process.

These methods will help promptly build up a robust reserve of Bytes in Astroneer, allowing you to unlock new items and advancements, making your adventures easier and more enjoyable.

Methods to Get Bytes In Astroneer

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