Is The Hydrazine Thruster Worth Using?

Is The Hydrazine Thruster Worth Using?

The Hydrazine Thruster in Astroneer is a useful and reusable item primarily used for interplanetary travel in the game. Its main purpose is to propel vehicles, particularly the Shuttles, allowing for seamless transit between different planets.

This distinct propulsion device runs on Hydrazine as fuel. One canister of Hydrazine equates to eight units of fuel. Takeoff and interplanetary travel each cost one fuel unit, whereas landing does not consume any fuel. When not attached to a spacecraft, a single canister of hydrazine can power the Hydrazine Thruster for approximately 12.7 seconds.

While you can attach the Hydrazine Thrusters to any vehicle, they are primarily used on shuttles for interplanetary journeys. In summary, the Hydrazine Thruster provides an efficient, reusable method for exploring the captivating universe of Astroneer.

Is The Hydrazine Thruster Better Than Solid Fuel Thruster

To determine whether the Hydrazine Thruster is worth using in Astroneer, it’s essential to weigh its pros and cons, comparing it to the alternative, the Solid-Fuel Thruster. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Hydrazine Thruster:


  1. Reusable: The Hydrazine Thruster can be used multiple times, unlike the Solid-Fuel Thruster, which is a one-time-use item.
  2. Efficient Fuel Consumption: The Hydrazine Thruster consumes Hydrazine as its fuel, and one Hydrazine canister can fuel up to two round trips, offering better fuel efficiency compared to a Solid-Fuel Thruster.
  3. Sustainability: As you progress in the game, resources and energy generation become more abundant, which makes the production of Hydrazine easier. Thus, the Hydrazine Thruster provides long-term sustainability.


  1. High Initial Investment: The Hydrazine Thruster requires 2x Tungsten and 1x Steel to be built, which are relatively rare materials. The initial cost of building the Hydrazine Thruster is higher than that of a Solid-Fuel Thruster.
  2. Dependency on Fuel: The Hydrazine Thruster depends on a constant supply of Hydrazine fuel, which might be an issue in certain situations, especially if your base lacks advanced fuel production capabilities.

Considering these factors, the Hydrazine Thruster is worth using in Astroneer, especially in the mid to late-game stages when resources become more abundant, and your base has advanced fuel production capabilities. The reusable nature of the Hydrazine Thruster is a significant advantage over the Solid-Fuel Thruster.

However, if you’re in the early game stages with limited access to resources and fuel production capabilities, it may be more practical to use the Solid-Fuel Thruster. Ultimately, the decision depends on your in-game progress and personal preference.

Is The Hydrazine Thruster Worth Using In Astroneer?

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