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What are Moogle Medals for?

What are Moogle Medals used for? I keep finding them but I don't know what they are for

Is there a way to store stuff in chests?

Is there a way to take items from your inventory an store them in chests or some other thing that doesnt mean i have to throw the items away?

How Do You Open Purple Skull Chests Breath Of The Wild?

How are you meant to open those purple skull chests in breath of the wold? I have found one but it is locked

How Do You Clear Brambles From Chests?

I have found several chests that are wrapped in thorns and brambles. My attacks don't do anything to break them away to let me open the chests.

How to open chests locked with red goo?

I have found several chests that are covered in a red goo and I am unable to unlock them because it is in the way. How do you remove it from the chests?

Can't open pink/red glowing chest



Red grated with use crush to open?

What Is one Punch Mode in Dead Island About?

Can You make the mini map rotate?

Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk?

Reach the tower lobby without Laserkraftwerk?