Requires Override Frequency - How To Open Resonance Amp Chests

requires override frequency

One of the new features of the Season of The Seraph in Destiny 2 are these mysterious new resonance amp chests that you may have stumbled upon accidentally. These 3d diamond-shaped objects can be found floating in a few random locations around the map but what are they for?

When you first locate a resonance amp chest, you will be unable to open it as it will say that it Requires Override Frequency. If you do not have the specific override frequency to open this chest, you won’t be able to interact with it. So this begs the question, what is an override frequency and how do you obtain one?

How to Get An Override Frequency

Override frequencies are items that you must craft using rewards that you get from completing the seasonal heist battleground. If you have been taking part in the heist battleground event, you likely have a few resonant stems in your inventory.

Crafting an Override Frequency

Crafting an override frequency is simple, follow the steps below and you will be able to create one.

  • Open your inventory and look for an item called “Resonant Stem”. This is a gold-coloured card with a green background.
  • If you have four stems, you will be able to combine them together to produce an override frequency
  • The resonance amp will update and you will see a secret that gives you a clue of where to find the resonance amp chest that this will open.

Once you have this completed, you will see the item updates with orange text to say [CONNECTION ESTABLISHED] and there will be four words separated by a dot. This is the clue to the location of the resonance chest that this clue opens. If you are having trouble, check out the resonance amp chest location guide here.

how to get resonance amp frequency
Once you hold down the button to craft, the resonance amp will update with information on where to find the chest.

Once you get close to the resonance amp chest that the frequency is tuned into, the screen will start to go a sort of greenish-orange color and you will hear classical music playing. The chest will then open up with a red glow inside when you get close and you can then interact with it to open the chest.

open resonance amp chest
When you have the correct resonance frequency active on the resonance amp, the chest will open up with a orange glow in the middle and music will be playing. The screen will turn a greenish hue when you are close
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