Zero Time Dilemma Pantry Walkthrough

Pantry Walkthrough

Look at the poster on the wall that explains how to make the jelly man. You will need to gather the ingredients to follow these instructions. Move to the cabinet to the left of this poster. On the cabinet on the bottom right and you will find the iodine solution. Open the door on the left side and you will get the jelly powder. Open the brown cardboard box above the 2 cabinets you just opened. Inside you will get a gold knob. Use the iodine solution on the potatoes, this will reveal a code, The code can be read from 2 directions. If you go over to the glass freezer you will see that it has 2 doors, each with a password. Use the password from the potatoes will unlock these doors. Read from left to right for the right door and left to right for the left door.

Take all of the supplies out of the freezer, you will now have enough to make the jelly. Combine the water with the jelly mold and then combine this with the jelly powder. Go over to the microwave like machine and place the gold knob on the dial. Use the jelly mold on the machine and select COLD. Place the jelly into the section below the dial. A drawer will open up below and a key can be found inside.

Go over to the teddy that is handcuffed in the freezer. Use the key to free him. Go over to the bottom cabinet where you found the hand that was handcuffed. Unlock the hand and see that the numbers 625 are written on the hand. Put the blue teddy into the microwave and select WARM. This gives you 1234, if you add the 2 numbers together you get 1859. Warm up the arm in the microwave and the fist will open. Use the hand on the scanner to complete the room.

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