Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Questions & Answers

Zero Time Dilemma is the third and final entry in the Zero Escape series. It is a story focused mystery/thriller visual novel with multiple endings that involves player choices and puzzle rooms.

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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Box Art

Zero Escape: Time Dilemma

Escape room games are something that can be quite difficult to get right. The Zero Escape series is a shining example of how to execute this genre incredibly well. Driven by a rich and exciting story that will take the player on many twists and turns, it can be hard to put these games down. Zero Escape: Time Dilemma follows a similar format to the previous games in the series.…


What is Zeros real name? What do i have to do to figure out what his real name is to progress past this puzzle?

For the keypad on the back of his head, you can enter a code to unlock it. How do you find the password to unlock Qs helmet?

What is the password that you have to enter in order to take the big helmet of Qs head in Zero Escape time dilemma