What's the password for Qs helmet?


I’m finding it difficult to keep track on all of the timelines and I’m not sure where I have missed things. I still can’t find out what the password for Qs helmet is yet. Is it possible to cheat and enter it early or do I need to follow the correct story path first?

Whats the password for Qs helmet
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

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Dan -

It is possible to get the code elsewhere and enter it in without having completed the story branch that actually gives you the password, but i would advise you not to do it. The story is worth progressing through normally. If you obtain the password early it will spoil the fun for you as the lead up to obtaining it is great. 

I went over the topic of the password for Qs helmet in the guide that I had created for the game. You can read the full page about the helmet password here

Id advise you read over it and do things normally, but if you really want to take the shortcut, you can use this password to unlock Qs helmet. 61404091 

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