Library / Zeros Study Walkthrough

Start by walking over to the desk in the middle of the room and look inside the drawer. You will get a key with a human figure on it. Take this key over to the safe that has a matching picture of a human on it. There will be a key inside that has a picture of a sun. Use this key to unlock the safe that has a picture of a sun on it.

Walk upstairs and look to the left. There is a note on the floor that will tell you how to solve 2 of the safe passwords. To the right, you will see a safe with a 3 letter combination lock. The password for this is NIL. Head back downstairs and go to the other safe that has a combination lock. The password for this safe is EXIST. Pull the lever inside this safe to activate the fancy chair near the stairs.

Go over to the chair and enter the following code into it “S-02-16”.

You will now be tasked with figuring out the puzzle behind the statues on the desk in the middle of the room. With the documentation, you have found you will know the following about the statues

  • Right Hand Raised => 3 Down => Grass
  • Left Hand Raised => 5 Down => Sand
  • Left Hand Extended => 7 Down => Wind

Using the clues the code HFGY becomes MIND. This is solved by using the hand positions of the statues and moving the letters the correct amount of times based on the numbers, 5,3,7,5.

Look at the picture above the fire. Shoot positions 2,3,4,5,6 and 9.

You will now need to go over to the cracked glass and use the grenade launcher on it to blow open the glass. You will now have all the pieces to build the key. Combine A+B, C+D, E+F and then combine AD + CD and then combine this with EF to get the completed key. This key is used on the giant safe that is behind the desk in the middle of the room.


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