Trash Disposal Room Walkthrough

This guide is a Trash Disposal Room Walkthrough for Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. The trash disposal room is a relative small room with a large furnace that is used to destroy trash and in this case the girl who has become trapped inside of the room. The room can be a little tricky, but overall it is not the worst room that you will encounter. There are 2 parts to this room, the 2 people outside of the furnace and the girl inside. You will need to switch back and forth between controlling both parts in order to complete all of the puzzles.

Start by grabbing the items around the room that are immediately accessible.

  • Blow Torch – Sitting on the terminal desk right in front of you when you start the room.
  • Goggles – On the left side of the room is a steel locker. Open it up and the goggles will be inside.
  • Toolbox – Will be inside the same locker as the Goggles.

Equip the goggles and look at the poster on the wall to the right of the exit door. The letters “TIC” will be highlighted. Turn around and run over to the control panel. You will see that there is a slider on the right side of the panel. Interact with this and move the 3 sliders so that the letters on the top spell out “TIC”. This will open up the window into the furnace.

Move to the right side of the room and you will see a yellow colored glass window. Interact with this and it will allow you to take control of the character that is inside of the room. Look around and you will see a screwdriver in one of the circles on the wall. Look below this and you will see a scales. On the wall to the left is a metal panel. Use the screw driver on this to unscrew the panel and collect the screws. Use the screwdriver and screws on the scale and get the total weight. 133 + 22 which makes 155. Go back to the window and take control of the characters outside again.

Go over to the left side of the room near the steel locker and you will see a panel on the wall. Enter the weight into the dial on this (155). This will open up the panel. Drop the blow torch into this box and head back to the window to take control of the girl inside. Use the blow torch on the thermometer inside the furnace room. The thermometer is right next to the scales. This will cause the temperature dial outside the room to rise and a coin will fall out. Switch back to the characters outside the room.

Pickup the coin from the main control panel. Turn around and there is a red button on the wall covered by a metal grate. Use the coin on the screws to open it up. Push the button and a chair will pop up out of the floor. Interact with this chair and get through the dialog that comes up as a result of this. A box will fall from the ceiling, but it is currently locked. Drop it into the same compartment that you dropped the blow torch into. When inside the incineration room, use the screw driver to unlock the box. Switch back outside the room and use the chain to pull the box back up. You will now have a gun.

Use the gun on the stand that is next to the chair. This will position the gun up against the mans head. Complete the dialog options and make whatever decision you like. The room will complete after you have handled the situation where you must decide whether to pull the trigger or not.

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