Locker Room Walkthrough

The locker room is a small room that contains 5 showers, some lockers, and a sink. You will see from the start that there are only 2 lights in the room and one of them is turned off preventing you from being able to see anything on that side of the room. The floor of the shower area is flooded with a dangerous chemical preventing you from going over there.

Start by going over to the sink and picking up the hair dryer. Go over to the lockers and open up all of the lockers that don’t have a lock on the door. Take out the items inside. You will have picked up a plug adapter. Combine this with the hair dryer and plug it in over by the sink. Use the hair dryer on the fan in order to see what the password for the locker is. Use this password to unlock the locker with the yellow colored door lock.

Go over to the red device on the wall to the left of the lockers. Reconnect the pipe on the left to the wall. Use the coin to unlock the panel on the bottom of the transformer. You will be able to hit the switches in order to change which spotlight is turned on. Turn on the shower light.

Look over at the water in the shower area, it looks dangerous and you cant do anything until its all gone. Use the wireless button device (press the button). This will open the drain and all the water will go away. Pick up the button that is inside the hole. In the shower on the far left, you will get a bucket. Fill it up in the shower on the far right. Go back to the power terminal and switch the spotlight again. If you look back at the shower area you will see a password on the train lid.

Locker Room Drain Password

This password will unlock the final locker door. Open this locker and get the screw driver. Go over to the sink and pull the plug on the right sink. All the water will move to the left sink. Pour the water bucket into the right sink, the water will drain away and a key will appear in the sink on the left. This key opens the middle shower with the glass door. Change the spotlight back to the shower area.

Go to the shower that is second from the left. Open the panel with the screwdriver. Put the button you found in the drain into the hole. This will drain the tank and a C shaped key will fall out. Go to the central glass shower, and use the key. Take the hose. Go back to the transformer and use the C key on the hole on the right. You can now have both spotlights on at the same time.

Use the screwdriver on the shower head on the shower on the far right and attach the hose to it. Connect the other end to the music box. This will cause it to blow and it will leak all over the place. Use the button to close the drain on the floor and then stand inside the glass shower in the center of the room. This causes the room to flood and the power resets. Go back to the transformer and reset the power. The room is now complete!

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