What Is Qs Helmet Code


I really want to get his helmet off and I havnt figured out how to take it off yet. I have been getting some codes and I always try to figure out what it is, but it doesn’t work. Will I naturally find out what it is through story progression or do I need to figure it out as a bit of a side quest or something? What is Qs Helmet code, can i enter it early, or is it sort of locked until I find the code in game?

What Is Qs Helmet Code
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

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Dan -

Q is the young boy who is part of Q team. He doesn’t remember who he is and doesn’t appear to remember how he got the helmet on his head. During the game you will discover that there is a small panel on the side of the helmet that allows for the input of a code. This code is found during the ending where Q meets Zero in the quantum computer room. The code is given to you directly, so there is no way to miss it so long as you are paying attention.

If you have forgotten the password or are too impatient to wait for it, then here is the password for Qs helmet. To answer the question asked at the end, you do not need to actually reach this event in the game’s story in order to be able to enter the code. You can enter this code as soon as you meet him and it will allow you to take the helmet off. 

Qs Helmet Code = 61404091

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