Transporter Room Walkthrough

I found this to be one of the most difficult puzzles I have ever played in a video game. The issue with it isn’t so much to do with the fact that the puzzle’s clues were hard to find, it is to do with the fact that there is a lot of math required to figure everything out and it’s not that easy if you aren’t someone who solves this kind of stuff regularly. If you can beat the Transporter room without a guide, then you deserve some credit!

The Transporter room is a high tech room that contains a large device that transports items…somewhere. I will be careful not to spoil this as the room can vary depending on what story branch you are on when you get here, so ill try to keep this minimal. I reached this room with D team early on in the game.

Start by picking up all of the blue cards that are placed around the room. There are 13 cards that you need to pick up. Once you have all of the cards, you will need to go to the wall opposite of the tree part of the teleporter. There will be a small screen there with a pattern above the screen. The screen will be lit up and ask you to place cards. Place all 13 cards on the screen of the computer and watch all of the lights turn on. Once the machine powers up a book will appear, read the first chapter, it won’t help too much at the moment.

Go over to the desk and look at the blue tablet device sitting on the table. Drop a few cards onto it. You will see that depending on the card you use it may destroy, draw or be destroyed. Head back over to the book and you will see there is a new chapter and a question option. This may be easy for some, but if you get stuck the answer to the question is in the image below. You need to work out what the numeric value is for each of the cards. The chapters will give you come clues, but you need to work most of it out yourself using “common sense”.

Transporter Room Card Question Answer

When you complete this, the 3D printer will turn on. Walk over to it and print out the 2 sets of wheels/cogs. These wheels fit into the device that is sitting on the table to the left of the blue tablet. Go over to this and place the wheels into this machine. This is another math puzzle that is a little more obvious, but still difficult. If you look above the transporter you will see 5 symbols. If you look at the image above you will see that there is a number for each of these symbols.


If we use the table above we can determine the numeric values for these icons. If we multiply them all together we get a number.

11 * 11 * 11 * 7 * 3 = 27951

Enter the result of this equation into the wheels on the machine. By this i mean get the icon that has a value of 2, 7, 9, 5 and 1 and set the icons on the 5 wheels to match these icons. Twist the lever and 4 icons will display on the 4 wheels that are vertical.

Walk over to the tree trunk part of the transporter and touch it. A panel will open up and there will be an input for 4 symbols. Enter these 4 symbols into the device. Assuming you have done everything correct you should be entering the following into the transporter panel.

Transporter room wheel icons

Once you have completed this the transporter will activate and you will be finished in this room. The result will depend on where you are in the story.

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