How To Upgrade Carry Capacity

Aloy can hold a lot of resources from the very beginning, but over time you may start to hit limitations on what she can carry, simply because there is so much stuff to pick up. Item carry capacity can be increased for almost every type of component you can pick up. For the vast majority of items, health being one exception, you can quickly craft upgrades from the main menu.

Pause the game using the touch pad button. Press L1 to navigate over to the crafting tab and scroll down to the section for the carry items. Press X to enter this section and you can craft upgrades for almost all of the consumable materials that you pick up in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Each capacity section can be upgraded a total of 4 times each. Once you hit the limit of 4, no further upgrades can be currently made unless it gets increased in the future via DLC. The components required for these upgrades will vary, but in general they will all follow the following pattern.

  • Upgrade 1 : Common Resources
  • Upgrade 2 : Common Resources + 1 Uncommon Resource
  • Upgrade 3 : Common Resources + 1 Rare and sometimes some Uncommon Resources
  • Upgrade 4 : Common Resources + 1 Very Rare and sometimes some Rare and Uncommon Resources

Animals will drop most of the required resources for this, but they can be rare. When you kill a boar, you dont always get a boar bone for example. You should just kill everything. This way you wont have to grind to get an upgrade.

Upgrading Health Restore Capacity

Health is the one exception to the upgrade system in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you want to have additional health, you can’t purchase an upgrade. You must instead spend valuable skill points! You can find the upgrades for increase health restore capacity in the skill menu.

Item Upgrade Categories

Depending on what you have collected so far, you may not be able to upgrade all possible sections listed below. Even if you have the resources, focus on the categories that you use the most first. No use having something you rarely use take up the resources you could have spent on something more important. Here is a list of all of the item carry capacity upgrade categories in Horizon Zero Dawn.

  • Outfits Satchel -This will hold all of the outfits that you buy or earn
  • Weapons Satchel – Holds the weapons you collect.
  • Resources Satchel – This is for the generic resources that you pick up from various items in the wild this can include wood, machine parts and so on.
  • Modifications Satchel – This holds your weapon modifications. This may fill up faster than you expect if you buy certain skills early on.
  • Potions Pouch – Stores the potions you have.
  • Hunter Bow Quiver – This holds the arrows used in the Hunter Bow weapons.
  • Traps Pouch – This stores all of the traps that you use in the game. Freeze, shock, flame and any others.
  • Sharpshot Bow Quiver – Holds the arrows for your Sharpshot Bow.
  • Ropecaster Ammo Pouch – Holds the ammo for your Ropecaster.
  • Tripcaster Ammo Pouch – Holds the ammo for your Tripcaster.
  • War Bow Quiver – Holds the arrows for your War Bow.
  • Sling Ammo Pouch – Holds the ammo for your Sling.
  • Rattler Ammo Pouch – Holds the ammo for your Rattler.
  • Blast Sling Ammo Pouch – Holds the ammo for your Blast Sling.
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