Shield Weaver Armor Guide

shield weaver armor

The Shield Weaver armor is an advanced armor set that was created by the ancients. It is a rare inventory item that takes some work to obtain. Some will regard the Shield Weaver Armor as the best armor set that you can get in Horizon Zero Dawn. It can absorb a lot of damage and it looks pretty cool. When compared to the other “modern” armor in the game, this ancient armor is really great and should definitely be something you obtain as soon as you can. It will help a lot with some of the harder battles in the game.

The Shield Weaver Armor cannot be purchased from a merchant like other armor in the game can. In order to get this armor, you must complete a quest called Ancient Armory. This quest will likely be triggered when you locate a Power Cell. There is also a puzzle to solve once you find all of the collectibles.

How To Get The Shield Weaver Armor

You will likely pick this quest up when you discover your first ancient power cell. There are 5 of them, so assuming you have one, you will now have the ancient armory quest. This quest is most definitely worth completing as it will give you access to, what some would consider, the best armor in the game. In order to complete the ancient armory quest, you will need to locate 5 ancient power cells and then you will have to solve a puzzle to gain access.

After finding the first power cell, you will be guided to the lab where the armor is located, but you will not be able to gain access. To start, you will need to find all the power cells. Before you get excited thinking you have found a glitch, you only need 2 cores to open the door and a further 3 to release the armor from the clamps that lock it into place. I got very excited thinking I had cheated the system only needing to find 2.

Locating The Power Cells

There are 5 power cells to collect. You likely already have 1, so 4 left to go. The video guide below will show you how to get them all. For quick reference, here are the locations of all 5 power cells.

  1. The ruins you fell into as a child at the start of the game.
  2. Womb of the mountain quest.
  3. Makers end quest.
  4. The Grave-hoard quest.
  5. The Mountain that Fell quest.

Once you have located them all, head back to the lab.

Help, The Gates To Mothers Cradle Are Locked!

This is a common issue. It seems to be a part bug and part intentional. Either way, getting back in can be tricky. Some people say it works if you cross the nearby bridge and walk back. This didn’t work for me. If this happens, follow the guide below.

Obtaining the Shield-weaver armor

Once you have all of the power cells, you can head back to collect your armor. If you havn’t been already, you can follow the quest marker. Look out for a broken down power pylon and nearby is a hole in the ground with a green glow coming from it. Head down and you can put the power cells into the terminals to activate the puzzle. The puzzle is fairly simple, but here is a video guide that will show you how to solve the Ancient Armory quest puzzle and gain access to the cell to obtain the Sheild Weaver armor.

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