Horizon Zero Dawn - Parts Wrangling Trial Walkthrough

Of all the trials in the game, this one is by far the biggest pain in the ass. Between the damn glinthawks and the 2 other rhino things pounding around the place, its hard as hell to get this done. Even when you hit that CPU thing, it doesn’t always fall off and when it does, it doesn’t always register for the quest. After a shit load of failed attempts, I finally got lucky. Here is my best method for a Parts Wrangling Trial Walkthrough in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Gear Up!

First you need to make sure you have the right gear. The bare minimum you need is a Ropecaster. Don’t make the same mistake as me and mix it up with the tripcaster and get frustrated when it doesn’t work! I had the following gear to help me get this. You may not be able to fully match it, but the closer you can get to having this the better.

  • Sharpshot Bow – I used the tearblast arrows for this. It doesn’t do much damage but has a powerful tear that breaks off armor components in one shot. This should knock the CPU off in 1 shot if you hit it correctly.
  • Ropecaster – I only had Carja variation. I equipped 2 tear modifications to help rip off the armor. I tried this a few times before equipping these and failed. The robot would break free before I could remove it, so I think these are important. I’m sure you could do it without them though.
  • Shield Wraver Armor – This armor is amazing. I would have died a few times if it were not for this. If you don’t have it yet, here is how to obtain the shield weaver armor. Also not required, but it is a hell of a lot easier if you have it.

How To Tie Down A Trampler

Here is the hard part. More than 1 will come at you. Likely all 3 will attack at once so you need to be quick. Shoot the trampler with the ropecaster. Use more than one to make it stay still. I tried to shoot the part under its belly. IT seems to help pull it off when he breaks free. Once the trampler is struggling, go hell for leather with the sharpshot bow. Hit the CPU with the tearblast. Don’t bother conserving them, fire as many as you can at it and there is a good chance it will be blown off first go.

The second one will be a little easier since there is one already dead. Follow the same process. The video guide below will show you exactly what I did to complete the parts wrangling trial.

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