Metal Flowers Collectible Guide

metal flowers

Metal flowers are a collectible in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are grouped into sets of 10 and scattered around the game world. As you might expect, they are not actually flowers, they are some kind of ancient machine. You can purchase maps from most vendors that will reveal the location of all flowers on the map, which sort of makes a metal flower collectible guide redundant, but here is some useful information to know about them.

Metal flowers and broken up into 3 sets of 10 and this will determine the region they are located in. They can often be seen on the main game map. The game will give a rough border of where to find it. Using your focus is usually an easy way to find it.

Identifying Metal Flowers

Metal flowers are pretty easy to identify. There is no risk that you will mix it up with a normal flower! The metal flowers look like a metal pod, when you get close it will open up and reveal what is inside. You will also notice a public inventory icon above it, which usually helps it stand out from a distance.

How To Find Metal Flowers

These would be quite difficult to find in such a big game world, but thankfully there is a really simple way to find them, without having to use any guides. Most merchants in the game will sell you a map to find a set of metal flowers. There are 3 maps and they are usually pretty cheap, which makes them worth buying. Once you have the map, you will see the metal flowers marked. The actual flower will be somewhere in the region of the map icon.

Metal Flower Location Guide

This video guide will show you the location of all 30 metal flowers in Horizon Zero Dawn, if you don’t want to purchase the maps to find them yourself.

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