How To Find & Harvest Clay

autonauts clay

Clay is eventually going to come under your radar when you find yourself needing a lot more gold to maintain your army. Clay is used in creating clay pots which are a key ingredient in creating porridge. Before you can setup an automated pot creation flow, you will need to get your hands on clay but where is it?

Clay is not that common and it can be easily mistaken for dirt. It is slightly more red than dirt you would be forgiven for mixing them up.

If you are following the game’s tutorial, you likely have an objective to find the pottery area in the map. Once you discover it, there is most definitely going to be a supply of clay nearby.

harvest clay
A clay patch looks like dirt but it is a lighter red color compared to the darker brown dirt patches.

The clay patch in the image above is right next to the clay structure that spawns randomly on the map. You can use a shovel on the clay to harvest chunks of clay that can be used for creating pots.

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