Astroneer Resource Guide

astroneer resource guide

Crafting and resource gathering is a core part of the Astroneer adventure. There are over 40 components that will come up as part of the crafting/printing process in the game. Figuring out where to find all of these components can be difficult. This page is an Astroneer resource guide that will cover all of the resources in the game and show you where to find them or how to manufacture them. 

This guide is split up into four main sections to match the types of resources in the game. There are resources you can gather from the planet you are on, resources that you smelt, gas you can capture and items you create in the chemistry lab. 

The sections below will cover these four areas, explaining how to deal with each type and how to go about getting the items. If you have taken a break from the game and are coming back, you may find you are forgetting the resources. What is it that you use to make Aluminium again? The info below will get you back up to speed. 

Natural Resources

astroneer natural resources
List of all natural resources in Astroneer

Resources are mined using a fantastic drill device. There are several different attachments you can use to improve your digging ability under different circumstances. The abundance of various resources will change depending on the planet you are on. The starting planet for example will have a lot of Resin and Compound but if you end up finding you need Wolframite, you will be unable to find it as it does not appear on this planet. The following resources can be mined.

Refined Resources

astroneer refined resources
List of refined resources in Astroneer

Smelting is unlocked quite early in the game. You can build a smelting furnace which will accept 4 units of mined resource at a time. If they are resources that can be smelted, the furnace will begin to burn and convert them into their relevant resource. 

Atmospheric Resources

astroneer atmospheric resources
List of atmospheric resources in Astroneer

In order to capture the various types of gas available in this game, you will need to construct something called an Atmospheric condenser. For the Minecraft players out there, this will be where things start to feel a little unfamiliar with the crafting in Astroneer. Gas is something that will appear naturally on various planets in different amounts. 

Composite Resources

astroneer composite resources
List of composite resources in Astroneer

The chemistry lab is the last structure in Astroneer that is used for resource production. The chemistry lab is the most advanced of the resource production structures as it often requires resources from all three of the sections above in order to produce items here.

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