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Can't get an economic level of 0.01

I have played through the annoying random number wheel and I unlocked the trophy for obtaining the highest economic level, but it doesn't seem to save. When I leave the mini game and check my character sheet, I am back down to 1%. If I play the game again I am also back down and must work my way up. Once I get to 0.01 in the mini game it just gets caught in a loop. I can't take a selfie with the bank manager because my level is too low, but the game is caught in a loop and never lets me get any higher. 

This definitely seems like a bug since I was able to unlock the trophy for getting to the highest level. Has anyone hit this issue and figured out a way to get around it?

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October 22nd, 2017 12:49 am
XP 777 1
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