How Do You Make It Turn Night Time?


I really want to find out who has been scratching Randy’s car. He told me to call back during the night and try and find out who has been doing the damage. How do I make the game change to night time?

How Do You Make It Turn Night Time
South Park: The Fractured But Whole

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1 Answer

Dan -

It will turn night automatically as you progress through the game story. It isn’t possible to trigger night time manually…at least not before it happens as part of the story. 


  1. What if I didnt wait for Morgan freeman after the cut scene for the “many asses” quest and don’t get the time fart to be able to make it into the lab?

  2. Well then you die, its just something thats apart of the game, maybe you should try frinding it out yourself next time, or maybe you shouldnt go rambling on abouth the south park game, you slimeball.

  3. What’s an easy way to kill with super Craig

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