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Score: 7 / 10


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Paradise Lost Review

Score: 7/10
The walking simulator genre is take it or leave it style of game for many people. Drop your guns and platforming in exchange for an immersive experience where your inquisitive nature is the main game mechanic at your disposal. A...
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Functional Nazi Bell Die Glocke In Wolfenstein

Like most people, I enjoy a good conspiracy theory now and then. I rarely ever see any sort of truth in them, but they are fun all the same. A few years back I first heard a story about Die...
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Interesting Look Into The Nazi Controversy With The New Colossus

What a ridiculous world we live in where there are people pissed off at a game that opposes the KKK and Nazis. Well like Pete Hines from Bethesda has said: "Unless you are a Nazi, there should be nobody who...