Really, what's up with Sarah Morgan's preferences?


So usually in RPGs, I play as the good guy, I mean, who wants to upset the virtual folks, right? But man, Sarah Morgan is making things perplexing! She isn’t a fan of the trade authority, and when I try to help a dude clear his debts with them, she isn’t happy? She seems to be against every decision I make to help out the average Joe against the big guys. And she isn’t even cool with opening the Archives to combat Terrormorphs! Does she just like evil or what? Anybody got some insight into what she’s actually into?

Really whats up with Sarah Morgans preferences

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2 Answers

Lloyd Collier -

So, in my experience, she’s been pretty chill with most things, except when I used animals to tackle the terrormorphs instead of a virus. What worked for me was just romancing her before diving into any quests, and she cooled down on all the nagging. It’s like, shower her with some love and she’s all good, almost like a virtual wife simulator or something. Give it a try, maybe it’ll work for you!

SteveSickle89 -

Honestly, she just seems to be all about law and order. Stick to the rules, make sure the bad guys get what’s coming to them, and she’s a happy camper. It’s like she’s a fan of the most conventional and by-the-book options available. I figured, just act like a genuinely good person would and treat NPCs with respect, and it’s all smooth sailing. If you’re having a hard time getting this, maybe you’re the evil one, haha! Just kidding, but seriously, it’s pretty straightforward once you get it.

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