Should I trust the Netrunner and betray the Voodoos?


For the quest “I walk the Line”, i have reached a netrunner at the end and he has told me that the computer program the voodoos installed is a fake and that they are going to kill me as soon as they get what they want. I believed him until Johnny said he was playing me. Should i trust him or not?

Should I trust the Netrunner and betray the Voodoos
Cyberpunk 2077

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NukeZer0 -

Honestly, while the decision does have a right and wrong answer, isnt part of the dilemma making the mistake and seeing what unfolds? There is no immediate reason to pick one over the other unless you want to make sure you are not being screwed by the voodoos. Read below if you want to know whether the netrunner is telling you the truth of not and whether you should incapacitate him.

I decided not to trust him and chose to incapacitate him. Turns out he was telling the truth and the voodoos betrayed me the moment they got the information that they wanted. You have no way of knowing this for sure so im not sure how much it will influence the events after but thats the way the decision here goes. The netrunner guy isn’t telling lies, hes just lousy at convincing you he is teeling the truth.

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