Playstation Plus October 2015 Games Trophy List Breakdown

playstation plus october 2015

ThePlaystation Plus October 2015 games list have been revealed. For the platinum hunters we have 1 easy platinum and 2 time killers. With Super Meat Boy being the satan of trophy list difficulties. Other non platinum games follow a similar difficulty pattern.

As for the quality of games…opinions are varied. Super Meat Boy and Broken Age, both scored quite highly for overall opinion. There are definitely no poor quality games, but not a block buster line up at the same time.

Check out the trophy list breakdown below.

Game Metacritic Whether this game contains a platinum trophy. Trophy List Difficulty Time to 100%
Super Meat Boy 90 Yes 10/10 100+ Hours
Broken Age 84 Yes 3/10 10 – 15 Hours
Unmechanical: Extended Edition 63 No 1/10 1 – 5 Hours
Chariot 75 Yes 4/10 95 – 110 Hours
KickBeat 77 No 9/10 10 – 15 Hours
Kung Fu Rabbit 69 No 4/10 5 – 10 Hours
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