Broken Age Trophy List

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Unlock all Broken Age Trophies
Make a Spoon Sweat
Examine all breakfast options
Disrupt Shay's daily routine
Complete all rescue missions with zero errors
Inhibit a powerful entitiy
Hear 20 reasons why Gary won't grab that
Take Control of the Boom Arms
Travel to a forbidden location
Learn all you can about Sugar Bunting
Escape the Maidens Feast
Get to know someone in a precarious position
Reunite a mother and child
Leave an isolated town
Feed two different people a healthy snack
Endure a tight situation as long as you can
Take down Mog Chothra
Complete Act 1 of Broken Age
Find 30 unique reactions to the Spoon
Return a missing spaceship part
Clear up a tangled situation in one attempt
Return a heavy duty spaceship part
Visit someone in jail
Commission a custom garment
Get a family member's help on a big project
Tell a great joke in one attempt
Follow up on a successful performance
Find a genius
Answer some tough questions quickly
Get to the ship's brain
Execute a PERFECT escape
Remove 8 sad faces from the Bassinostra
Reconnect with some old friends
Deploy a weapon of mass destruction
Chart a course away from danger
Complete Act 2 of Broken Age
Make someone strut their stuff
Stand up for someone even though you haven't met him
Start a group dance party
Stand up for someone even though you haven't met her
Complete Broken Age
Complete Broken Age in under an hour, not counting loading and paused gameplay.