PlayStation Network Common Error Codes

    When the PlayStation Network (PSN) experiences technical issues, it can result in a variety of error codes and related issues on a PlayStation 5 (PS5). These errors can affect different areas of the PSN service, including online multiplayer, account management, PSN Store, and social features. Here are some examples:

    1. Error NP-31950-8: This error usually pops up when there’s a problem connecting to the PSN servers. It can occur when you’re trying to join a multiplayer game, chat with friends, or access online services. You can often get kicked out of a multiplayer game with the error message “Network Interrupted” along with it.
    2. Error WC-40383-8: This error code is often associated with a remote server issue. The server is returning a 503 error which normally means there is an issue with PSN that will be resolved by Sony. There is little you can to do fix this issue outside of checking for communication from Sony.
    3. Error NW-31456-9: This error signifies a connection issue with the PSN, often a result of server maintenance or outages. The system might display a message stating that the connection to the server has been lost.
    4. Error NW-102216-2: This error code typically appears when there’s an issue connecting to PSN and is likely caused by your home network. Port forwarding on PS5 can typically resolve this issue.
    5. Error CE-107863-5: This error code indicates a network error, potentially due to PSN being down. The system will suggest a network connection issue and recommend checking the status of PSN.
    6. Error CE-112988-9: This error code signifies that you are unable to purchase content from the PlayStation store. This error can show up if you already own a different version of a game or if there are some issues with the purchase.
    7. Error NP-104291-7: This error comes with issues relating to licenses on the PS5. Typically, restoring licenses will fix the issue but there can be some other causes to this relating to the account that owns the license for the game.
    8. Error E-8200013A: This error can occur when the PSN is having trouble processing purchases. If you’re trying to buy something from the PS Store, you might see this error.
    9. Error NP-37602-8: This is typically seen when there’s an issue with sharing on YouTube due to a PSN problem. The error message will suggest that there was a problem linking to the account. Relinking the account will normally fix this.
    10. Error CE-105638-3: This error suggests that there are some network issues that are preventing the game from activating correctly. This may be an issue with the primary account but it may be something temporary caused by networking issues that can clear up.

    In all cases, the PS5 will usually provide an error code and a brief message that indicates the nature of the problem. It’s worth noting that these error codes are not exclusive to PSN being down. They might also be related to other issues, such as local network problems or account-specific issues. If you encounter an error, it’s generally a good idea to check the official PlayStation Network Service Status page to see if there are any known issues with PSN. If PSN is up and running, then the problem might be on your end, and you should troubleshoot accordingly.

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