High Elf Name Generator

High elf name generator

High Elves are a sub-race of the fantasy elf. They differ from other elf races based on their heightened interest in magic. This page contains a high elf name generator which will generate lots of name ideas you can use for a high elf character.

To start generating names, click on the button below. You can use the gender filter to generate female high elf names and male high elf names. Each name generated will have some variations that use more formal family name deviations. This will make it sound more royal and sophisticated if you are going for a proper social hierarchy.


High Elf Surnames

Elf surnames, in general, are hard ones to come up with since they are not based on any names we have in our current world. If you are looking for some high elf surnames, this generator will give you lots of them. Each name generated will have a surname and will also give some extra variations on this.

High Elf Names DnD

If you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, you may want to come up with some fitting names for characters. This generator will give you High Elf names for DnD that sound the part and may help you come up with some interesting back story for your characters.

Who are The Calaquendi?

High elves exist in a lot of different fantasy settings. One of the most famous writers in this area is J.R.R Tolkein who writes the Lord of the Rings series. High elves exist in this universe but they are known as the Calaquendi. The high elf name generator on this page will allow you to get some great names for Calaquendi that fit the universe.

High Elf Name Generator For Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls franchise is one of the most well known and popular RPG franchises. It spans across a large number of games and over the years has included almost every fantasy race that you can think of. If you are setting up some new games and want to get a great name for your character, this tool should help you out.

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