Elder Scrolls Mount Name Generator

elder scrolls mount name generator

Ever been stuck for a good nickname for your elder scrolls mount or horse? This app will let you quickly and easily generate names that you will find funny and interesting for any of the games in the series. It was designed with Elder Scrolls Online but works just as well for use in any other game.

Mounts have always been an integral part of the Elder Scrolls franchise. With hoofs like mountain goats, capable of climbing almost vertical mountains, the Elder scrolls horse is a formidable tank of a creature.

Naming mounts is not typically a feature of RPGs like Elder Scrolls but for those who take some interest in the mounts who take us across the vast worlds, it can be nice. Some fun name ideas for your horse can be a fun way to build up a bond with the horse to make the adventure across the fantasy adventure a little more personal and engaging.

To get started, simply use the tool below. You can use some of the filters to switch between gender and to put a filter on the types of names that will be generated. Some people can’t resist a funny name so if this is you, the option is there!

If anyone has any suggestions for new filters or would like to share the name for their newly named horse, feel free to add it to the comments section at the bottom of this post.


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