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Elder Scrolls Character Name Generator

The Elder Scrolls has become one of the longest running RPG franchies of all time. With a series of games stretching back to the dos days. Over the years the franchise has built up a rich lore of characters, history...
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Khajiit Name Generator

Khajiit are furry, cat-like creatures from the Elder Scrolls universe. They are very easy to distinguish compared to the other races and are one of the most unique and unusual. They walk on their back legs, much like all other...
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Nord Name Generator

Nords are a hardy race of humans in the Elder Scrolls universe. They appear to be closely based on the ancient cultures of Scandanavia. The similar Viking style carvings on buildings, boats and other structures do a lot to signal...

Why are there no Trophies for Oblivion on PS3?

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Is a Skyrim HD Remake Really What We Needed?

Amongst all of the exciting news from E3 this year came news that Bethesda would be releasing a HD remake of Skyrim on the PS4 and Xbox One. This game would come with high res textures and mod support. While...


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